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Not getting clients? 5 things to try now!

By now you figured that you’d already be making more than enough money doing what you love and even enjoying the freedom and flexibility that you so desperately crave but you have one problem—you’re not getting clients consistently!

I’m sure at this point, you’ve tried #allthethings that seem to work for other people’s business (bought all the courses, implemented all the client-getting strategies, endlessly posting in FB groups, etc.), but still haven’t been able to keep clients coming in consistently.

This is the most common frustration that people have trying to grow their business online.

If the slow trickle of clients streaming into your business is causing you to have serious doubts about whether you can actually make this thing work, then here’s what you need to know…

Creating consistent, predictable income in your business requires one thing—the right foundation for getting clients.

And no, the foundation has nothing to do with growing your IG following, blogging until you’re blue in the face, or designing the perfect website.

If you’re ready for your hard work to pay off and for things to finally start clicking in your business then keep reading to discover why you may not be getting clients and how to fix it.

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Clients & How to Fix It

1. You’re not offering people a way to work with you consistently.

This may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at how many people have amazing products, programs, or services, but don’t offer ways for people to work with them often enough.

For example, you may be giving away a lot of free content, strategies, or tips because you love what you do, but you seldomly make any offers. And when you do make an offer, you might wait a month or two before making another offer again!

If you’re in business, you’ve gotta move beyond sharing free stuff most of the time and start selling your services more often so you can start making money consistently. It’s quite simple, if you’re not making offers consistently, you won’t get clients consistently.

No clients = No money. No Money = No business. No business = No freedom.

The Fix: Create a marketing calendar that includes all of your promotions so you know exactly what you’re offering and when. This will help you strategically sell more consistently while also sharing valuable, free content with your audience. By simply selling more often, you’ll get more clients!

2. You haven’t built the RIGHT audience yet.

If you are selling to your audience but they aren’t buying, you might not have attracted the right people. For example, maybe you’re trying to sell to people who aren’t quite ready to invest in solving the problem you have a solution for.

If you want to make money in your business, you need to build an audience of people who have a burning pain and are ready for your solution now, not someday.

The Fix: Create free, valuable content that’s reverse-engineered for what you’re selling. The content you share (e.g., opt-ins, blogs, or posts on social media) should be bite-sized solutions to your audience’s burning pains that lead to your paid offer.

After consuming your amazing free content, your offer should feel like a natural next step for your ideal client to achieve what they want most right now.

3. Your messaging is off.

You could have the best product, program, or service but if your message isn’t on point, you’d be lucky to get a sale.

The most common reasons why your messaging may be off are:

  • You’re trying to talk to everybody, which means you’re really talking to nobody!
  • You’re using complicated expert talk, marketese, or industry jargon that your audience doesn’t understand or doesn’t resonate with.

Great copy-writing and getting clients go hand in hand so you want to pay close attention here!

The Fix: Read your sales copy. Then ask yourself, “Would my ideal client use these words while talking to a friend?” If it’s a “no”, remove all expert talk from your copy. Next, get clear on who your ideal client is and speak to her dreams, fears, problems, and desired results using her wordsnot yours.

After reading your website, blog posts, emails, or sales page, she should walk away thinking, “She took the words right outta my mouth!” That’s when you know your messaging is on point.

4. You’re not offering them what they really want.

If you’ve built the right audience and your messaging is on point—and you’re still not getting clients, it’s time to take a second look at your offer. Sometimes a small tweak to your offer can turn a “nice-to-have” into a “must-have” and be the difference between getting no clients and landing 5 clients!

Now the big question here is, are you offering your audience exactly what they want, exactly how they want it?

The Fix: Look at your offer with a fresh pair of eyes and make sure you’re doing these thing.

  • Describe your product, program, or service in plain English so that it’s easy to understand.
  • State your big promise and how you’ll help them get the results they want.
  • Be explicit about who your offer is for and who it’s not for. Although many people could benefit from your offer, it’s not for everyone, just the right people. Clients also like to know that your offer is for someone just like them in their specific situation.
  • Clearly explain the benefits of your offer (not just the features which is what they get—people don’t buy the features, they buy the benefits)
  • Paint a clear picture of their “before and after” so they can start to imagine how your offer will help them get the results they want to see in their business or life.
  • If possible, offer an amazing bonus that is both valuable and helpful in helping them get results. This will give people an extra incentive to hop off the fence and work with you.

And if your pricing doesn’t match the value you’re providing, you need to find more ways to add value to justify the price or increase the price to reflect the value you’re offering (yep, you read that right!).

5. You’re not confident in what you’re selling.

You must believe in what you’re selling in order to get clients. If you’re not confident in the value you’re offering at the price you’re selling it for, people will feel it! We can easily pick up on BS or when someone feels uncertain or insecure about what they’re offering. Think about it for a second…

Have you ever come across someone’s website, video, or social media post and something about it just felt off? Well, just like that, your audience will be able to pick up on any insecurities if you aren’t comfortable in what you’re offering.

If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, you could have the right audience, offer, and messaging –and still struggle to get clients. So please don’t write this off as just “mindset stuff.”

The Fix: When you’re selling, whether it’s live on a webinar, in an email, on a call, or in your sales copy, sell from a place of power, boldness, and confidence! If you need help with this, before you sell anything, reflect on your business “why”. The reason why you’re in business in the first place.

Think about why you do this work, how it makes a difference in people’s lives, and the kind of impact you want to have in the world.

Making this one, simple mindset shift can help you influence and inspire your audience to say, “Yes!” to working with you because they’re confident in your ability to help them get the result that they want.

If you’re making any of these common mistakes, it could be the very thing standing in the way of you creating consistent, predictable income in your online business.

And if you fix these commom mistakes, I promise you will get more clients.

Cheers to more income, impact, and freedom! 


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