Noelle Bloom

Business Strategist

5 Life-Changing Freedoms

Many people dream of the day they can experience freedom?

“Freedom” is something so many of us dream of, but what exactly does it mean to you?

For some, freedom means being able to take afternoons off to spend time with their kids, doing work that matters, traveling for months at a time, or having the kind of money that allows them to retire their parents.

We all have our unique definition of freedom, what it feels like, and how our lives would change if we had it. The first step in creating your life-changing freedom is to first define what that means for you.

For me, freedom means building my business doing meaningful work from anywhere in the world, buying things beyond the necessities without worrying about the price, and having the level of flexibility in my day for impromptu plans.

Whether it’s getting to choose the clients I work with, having fresh flowers delivered to my front door every week, or being able to live bicoastal, freedom to me is all about options.

What does freedom mean to you?

Below are the 5 most common life-changing freedoms. While you read them, try to imagine what each freedom means for you and which one is the most important.

1. Freedom from Location

This is when you have the freedom to work, live, and travel wherever you want without restrictions. You’re not stuck in any one location or limited to where you can go at any given time.

You can:

  • Work from your comfortably home office, outside to get fresh air, or at a local coffee shop for a chill vibe with a little action
  • Live in different locations throughout the year whether you want to feel the sunshine during the colder months where you live or simply travel to different cities for a different pace or
  • Travel wherever you’d like, for as long as you’d like to explore new places, visit family, or go on adventures

If you had freedom of location, where would you work, where would you live, and where would you travel?

2. Freedom of Time

This is when you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and how you want without time restrictions. You’re in control of where and how you spend your most valuable asset, your time.

You can:

  • Wake up naturally when your body feels like it as opposed to an obnoxious alarm
  • Decide when and how long you work instead of working around the clock or
  • Do more of the things you love that span beyond business whether it’s working on other passion projects, spending time with loved ones, or learning new things

If you had freedom of time, what would your mornings look like? What would your workday look like? What would you do with even more free time?

3. Freedom from Money Stress

This is when you have financial freedom. You can spend money without worrying about how to make money more, not having enough, running out, or the fear of losing it all. You’re financially free and most importantly, you feel in control of how your money flows in and out of your life.

You can:

  • Spend guilt-free on things you love that would otherwise seem too expensive
  • Treat your family and friends to nice experiences whether it’s paying for their dinner or taking them on an all-expenses-paid vacation or
  • Financially support causes, non-profits, and global initiatives that you care about

If you had freedom of money stress, what would you buy for yourself? How would you invest it? How would you support the people you love or the causes you care about? 

4. Freedom from Expectations

This is when you’re free from what the world expects from you whether it’s your father, friend, or society. Things like you should get married, buy a house, have kids, or work a “real” job. You’re free from expectations when you can do what makes you happy despite the external pressure of what you “should” do.

You can:

  • Make decisions that align with how you want to live your life without the fear of disappointing people
  • Say “no” to things that feel like an obligation and only say “yes” to things that excites you and
  • Let go of things, people, or places that no longer serve you

If you had freedom from expectations, what changes would you make in your life? What would you let go of and say “yes” to? 

5. Freedom to Do Work You Love

This is when you have the freedom to do work that matters, work that aligns with your higher purpose, mission, or gifts. You can do work that changes lives and makes an impact in a way that sparks genuine passion.

You can choose:

  • What you do from day-to-day
  • Who you help and
  • How you want to impact people’s lives 

If you had the freedom to do work you love, what would you do, who would you help, and how?

There’s so much power in knowing what freedom means to you on each level. When you have the end in mind, you’ll be able to make decisions that align with how you want to live your life.

Grab your notebook and write down what your #1 freedom is and what you’d do if you achieved it in the next 6 months!

Cheers to your freedom,


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