Noelle Bloom

Business Strategist

5 Secrets to Astonishing Productivity

I want to share a few secrets that will help you work more effectively on your business so that you can get more done in less time.

I can assure you that if you apply these concepts to your business routine, you WILL have amazing results! However, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed here so I recommend taking at least one of these concepts that speak to you and apply it to your business. You ready? Okay, let’s unleash the secrets!

1. Mind Your Hours

Do you mind your hours? Are you mindful of how you spend your time on your business? I love this because it sounds like “mind your bizzness”:) Sometimes it feels like we work on our business for tons and tons of hours but when we track it, time may tell a different story. Let’s dive deeper to get a better perspective of our true business hours. To get started, answer these questions:

  • How much time do I actually spend on my business? (track this for a few days)
  • Which activities do I perform most frequently in by business and how long do they take?

2. Plan

Plan, Plan, Plan! I love planning! Don’t like planning? Go out and buy a gorgeous planner and I bet you’ll plan a bit more than usual. Today we’ll focus on planning goals. While most of us plan goals, we tend to focus on only business goals. It’s so important not to neglect personal goals because we are the force behind our business. Have you planned any goals for 2014? If not, you can start this now!

  • Plan 3 major business goals for this year?
  • Plan 3 major personal goals? Any new skills you want to master?

3. Make Success Possible

Are you supported? Is there a person or a system that can keep you accountable to your goals, ya know, keep you up on your game. There is a powerful force behind accountability that gives you an instant boost of motivation to get shit done. WHY? Because someone is checkin’ up on you. Maybe you can join a mastermind of women who empower each other to make magic happen (not just talk about it!)…we all love a good chat. So ask yourself:

  • Who will hold you accountable for your goals? Do you respect this person? If not, keep it pushin’ because if you don’t respect them, you won’t take them seriously.

4. Know What “Work” is

Do you have activities in your business take you more time than you’d like? Many times sitting down and doing the “work” can feel like a challenge but once you’ve figured out these activities, you’ve gained new insight. Before doing the work, try boosting your energy. Often, getting a boost of energy will help you come up with new bright ideas. Give it a try! Don’t be lazy…:)

  • What can you do in 10-15 minutes to boost your energy before doing the “work”?
  • Slim on ideas? Try doing 15 jumping jacks!

5. Practice

What skills do you use daily in your business? Is there a way you can practice those skills outside of your business. For me, I love to practice my organizing skills by organize my jewelry & clothes to make it easier for me to get “glammed out” QUICKLY. Maybe you want to use your strategizing skills to figure out how to strategically decorate your office. This is useful because we both know that a pretty office can spark some serious creativity- HELLO productivity!

  • How can you practice your skills by doing activities outside of your business?
  • You’re the Creative Class so I know you have it in you! 

BONUS: Pursue Pleasure

You’re the boss of your business. Do more of what you LOVE! Sometimes we can feel guilty about doing the things that we truly love because it comes so natural to us. I don’t want you to sabotage yourself with this mindset- when you’re at your happiest, YOU GET MORE DONE & you know this….So don’t hesitate here…

  • What activities do you absolutely love to do?
  • Incorporate more of these activities in between the “work” to reward yourself!

P.S. I recommend you take one or two secrets and apply it to your business. The last thing I want you to feel is OVERWHELMED…not good!

 With Love,


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