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Business Strategist

5 Steps to Makeover Your Mornings

Ready to makeover your mornings?

….I mean who doesn’t love a makeover?

Here are 5 steps to makeover your mornings.

1. Track Your Time

If you really want to make the most of your time, it starts by tracking it. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, it’s a good idea to keep a food journal. This keeps you from eating like crazy. It’s the same with time. You can start to track your time by writing down the activities you do most and how long they take.

  • Take Action: Track your mornings for a few days this month to see how you spend your mornings. Write it down.

2. Picture that Perfect Morning

What would a perfect morning look like? It doesn’t have to be realistic for everyday. Lets get dreamy! For me, it would start with mediation, a brisk jog in my apartment gym, a breakfast that I actually sit down and eat followed by a nice looong shower. Then I’ll do the creative work in my business. Heaven!

3. Think it Through

Remember, your mornings should be filled with the most important (not urgent) activities to you. What would have to happen to make your morning ritual work? What time would you have to get up and most important, what time should you go to bed in order to get enough sleep?

  • Take Action: Write down a plan that will work for you and make it happen.

*Tip*– You may want to skip watching TV or checking your FB an hour before bed. There is evidence that the screen light can interfere with your sleep patterns.

4. Build the Habit

Building a new habit isn’t easy. I always suggest making everything you have to do an Event. This means make things fun to where you will WANT to do them! Building a habit takes some willpower but I know you have it in you.

Start SLOW! Go to bed 15 minutes earlier so you can wake up 15 minutes earlier. Baby steps! You with me?

Build one habit at a time.

Recently, I tried to build quite a few habits at once: exercising, writing 750 words, eating a healthy breakfast & mediating (all DAILY). I failed miserably. Trying to build all those daily habits at once was a recipe for disaster. Looking back, I should have just worked on one, exercising daily.

Reward yourself! I love this. Trying to exercise 3X a week? Promise yourself a massage at the end of the month. Or maybe your favorite treat. Use whatever it takes to build the habit. After you get in a routine, you can always switch it out for a more healthier reward. 

5. Switch it Up

Life changes and you can change your priorities anytime. When your priorities change, ask yourself, what is truly meaningful to me and how can I incorporate this in my early mornings.

Bonus: Believe it’s Possible

You can do this. If it’s important to you, you WILL make time for it. You have the power to wake up earlier so that you can do the things most important to you. You can make the the early mornings your time. These early morning hours are available to all of us if we choose to use them.

Don’t forget: Track your mornings, Picture your perfect morning & Think it through.

Cheers to Making Over Your Mornings,




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