Do You Know Your “Why?”

Why are some organization and leaders able to inspire people to take action while others aren’t? Well, the verdict is in! If you want to lead, inspire others, change the world, and build a successful purpose-driven business, you must know your “why.”

COVID-19: 5 Tips to go from Chaos to Calm

I’m sure you’ve experienced the growing hysteria around COVID-19, which is now a global pandemic. I know this is scary. Here’s my best tips for remaining calm and preparing for the next few months without sacrificing your health, happiness, and sanity.

Forever 21’s Bankruptcy: 3 Business Lessons You Can Learn from the Retail Apocalypse

Over the years we’ve seen many decades-old businesses file bankruptcy. We’re witnessing the “retail apocalypse” right before our eyes. So why is this happening? And what lessons can you learn and apply in your business? Here’s 3 business lessons you can learn from Forever 21’s bankruptcy and how you can apply them to your business no matter what industry you’re in!

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