Noelle Bloom

Business Strategist

The 4 Business Lifestyle Models

Every entrepreneur has a unique business lifestyle, which is how they live their life while building their business.

After years of working with high-achieving entrepreneurs and passionate leaders, I’ve uncovered 4 Business Lifestyle Models that can be a solid foundation for creating your life with full intention.

The 4 Business Lifestyle Models are:

  • The Luxe Lifestyle

  • The Passion Lifestyle

  • The CEO Lifestyle

  • The Free Lifestyle

If you’re ready to discover your unique business lifestyle, you can take the Business Lifestyle Quiz HERE.

Depending on which unique business lifestyle you want, there are specific strategies for aligning your business, identifying your business sweet spot and designing your daily hustle.

To get the specific strategies you should be using to live your lifestyle vision, you can download the Business Lifestyle Strategy Guide HERE.

I always like to say that every business decision is a life decision! Whether you’re aware or not, the decisions you’ve made so far in business have created the life you’re living right now.

What I’ve discovered while working with ambitious women is that they desire more fun, freedom and ease, but the decisions they make ultimately lead them to overworking, overwhelmed and burned out.

Then they no longer feel excited, engaged and alive as they work.

If you feel the way you’re working in your business doesn’t align with how you want to live your life, you’re not alone.

It’s easier than you think to get off course at a moments notice.

When you have a business that not only represents your life’s work but also one that encompasses who you are, it’s easy to loose sight of WHY you started your business in the first place.

To help you reconnect to the reason you started it all, you’ve gotta reignite your “why”.

You have your “selfless why” and your “selfish why”.

  • Selfless Why: Your selfless desires usually sounds like this, “It’s my mission to help [the people you serve] do or understand [ x, y and z]. It’s your core desire to support, impact and inspire others. 
  • Selfish Why: Your selfish desires usually sound like this, “In life, I want the do  ______, have ______ and feel ______. It’s all of the personal things in life that motivate and inspire you.

You must be crystal clear on your whys.

Here’s the thing:

When you’re on your grind in business and you’re stuck in the day-to-day hustle of your business, it’s easy to get off track. But if you think back to that little seed that planted the tree (your business), you can change the course of your life and business.

If you want to live that lifestyle you envisioned for yourself, you’ve gotta know your unique business lifestyle so that you’re able to strategically create your life now.

To discover your unique business lifestyle, you can take the quiz now!

I created the Discover Your Business Lifestyle Quiz as a fun way to get super clear on the kind of lifestyle you want to live.

As a free gift, you can download the Business Lifestyle Strategy Guide.

It’s filled with practical strategies that make aligning your business with your lifestyle goals, styling your business sweet spot and designing your daily hustle a piece of cake!

If you’re ready to discover your business lifestyle, take the quiz now!



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