Noelle Bloom

Business Strategist

How to Make Your Life More Exciting

Today I have something special planned. I’m going to help you plan a more exciting life- right now!

Get ready to experience some amazing things! But hold up, before we start blazzing into the future, I’d like you to take a moment and reflect on the last 90 days so that you are prepared for a fresh new strategy.

Feeling Resistance?

Just a heads up, you may feel resistance in doing this exercise. Don’t worry it’s totally normal and OK. Reflecting on the past can take us out of our comfort zone a bit but do your best and stay with me here. I promise that you’ll gain new insights that will help you shape the direction you’ll want to go in. It’s difficult to get this type of clarity and closure any other way. You’ve gotta trust me on this one…

But if I don’t get out of my comfort zone and reflect, I risk missing out on improving my future. There’s so much power in reflecting. This means looking in your past for lessons learned and other things that you’d like to do differently going forward. A simple reflection can be life changing and will help you create new future goals.

Some of us don’t like to reflect because we prefer to look towards the future instead of “living in the past”. I’m one of these people, “Futuristic” is one of my natural gifts. The future fascinates the hell out me! When I create a vivid picture of my future and add some hustle to it…shit starts to happen…..Voilà!

Love Note: If this year hasn’t been what you anticipated, don’t feel sad. You’re not a failure. Discovering you aren’t happy about something in your life, is a GOOD thing. Anytime you discover that something isn’t working, it’s the perfect opportunity to change it up. This means major growth and a reality shift.


This is for YOU, answer these Q like your future depends on it…

  1. When did you feel ALIVE?

Need some ideas? Was it working on a new project, meeting new people, reading personal development books, learning new concepts, teaching, sharing, connecting with loved ones, working out, eating healthy, or traveling?

After you discover what lights you up like a Christmas Tree, I want you to commit and implement  more of the activities that excite you in your day-to-day activities. The secret here is to implement and schedule them into your calendar.

How to Do More of What Excited You 

Do like the Nike Brand Slogan and JUST DO IT... Love me a good pair of Nikes!

Seriously, just do it. It’s that simple.

  • You’re in control of your life & schedule.
  • You can make it happen.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • YOU are your greatest asset and it’s time that you treat yourself like one…really.
  • I believe in you, so let’s make your next 90 days more exciting.

Do you want to exercise more, attend more live events, eat healthier, upgrade your wardrobe… Whatever is important to you, no matter how big or small, IMPLEMENT IT.

My goal is help you Live the Fabulous, a lifestyle filled with meaningful work you love, fun, freedom and all things fabulous. But none of these strategies will work unless you do the work.

I’m here to raise your ambition and support you.

Whatever you’re dreaming up can and will happen if you do the work!

Love Your Futuristic Friend,


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