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How to Apply Your Skills to Your Passions with Briena Sash

Do you question whether your business fully encompasses what you’re passionate about?

Maybe you find it challenging to align what you’re good at with your passions.

If you feel like there’s a disconnect between your skills and your passions, you’re not alone!

Many of us struggle with this but if you’ve noticed, it’s not talked about much.


Well, because it reveals that the entrepreneurship journey is messy and often times “success” isn’t a straight path.

If you see someone rockin’ it out online who has a business they love and a fabulous lifestyle, you might just come to find out that it wasn’t a clear path to success.

I sit down and talk with Briena Sash about this topic. 
She’s an award-winning photographer and the creator of Wellness Stock Shop – the world’s most soulful source for wellness imagery.

Briena is going to share how she tested many different business ideas to ultimately create a business that she loves using her skills and how you can too.

It doesn’t matter what stage of business you are in right now, I guarantee you’ll walk away from this conversation with an aha moment!

You’ll learn:

  • The one, key sign that you’re working on the wrong business idea
  • Why you should walk away from a business that doesn’t align with who you are (…even if it’s successful!)
  • The one thing you should do if you don’t have clarity in your business direction
  • Why you should NOT follow your passions in business and what to do instead
  • The single, most important question you need to ask yourself before starting a new business
  • How knowing what lifestyle you want to live will help you pick the right business idea
  • What to do when your family and friends doubt you and don’t see your business vision

Join us in this conversation about how you can apply your skills to your passions.

After you’ve tuned in, let’s continue the discussion!

Leave a comment below.

  • What challenges have you faced when trying to apply your skills to your passions?
  • How will you align what you’re good at with your passions to create a business that you love?

Share your biggest insight below.

I’d love to hear from you!

Wanna learn more about Briena and her business? Visit where you can find the world’s most soulful source for wellness imagery.

As you’re out there making a difference in the world, remember to have fun, live free and feel fabulous.

See you next time on Bloom TV!

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