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How to Succeed As a Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry with Judi Fox

Do you want to start a business in a male-dominated industry or currently run a business in a field dominated by men?

If so, you’re going to love today’s episode!

Today’s male-dominated business scene is slowly starting to embrace some equality, however woman still face an uphill battle.

Instead of being discouraged by inequality, we can use those disparities as motivation to succeed.

Today, I sit down and talk about this topic with Judi Fox!

She’s an environment consultant turned social selling superstar who helps people level up on LinkedIn by gaining more exposure and finding new opportunities. 

If there’s anyone who knows how to navigate a male-dominated industry it’s Judi! She has almost 20 years experience providing technical expertise on complex multimedia, environmental issues, and sustainability initiatives.

She also has experience working with Fortune 500 companies and has a diverse background that includes manufacturing, mining, power, paper mills, petroleum refineries, and painting & coating operations.

She’s going to share some jaw-dropping stories and strategies that will help you succeed in a male-dominated industry.

You’ll learn:

  • How to manage the pressure to conform to old models in your industry and instead do business your way
  • What to do if you can’t find many women to look up to in your industry
  • How to look beyond the masculine stereotypes of working to get things done
  • How to get ahead without sacrificing your health, happiness and sanity
  • How to use your feminine energy and creativity to differentiate yourself among the competition
  • How to handle people who say you’re too difficult, bossy or bitchy
  • The power of collaborating with other women to grow your business
  • How to stand in your power as a woman, show your strengths and use your voice to make a difference

Join us in this conversation about how you can succeed as a woman in a male-dominated industry!

After you’ve tuned in, let’s continue the discussion!

Leave a comment.

  • What is your experience working or building a business in a male-dominated industry?

  • What strategies will you use to succeed in a male-dominated industry?

Share your biggest insight below.

I’d love to hear from you!

Wanna connect with Judi? Visit her at

As you’re out there making a difference in the world, remember to have fun, live free and feel fabulous.

I’ll see you next time on Bloom TV.


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