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Business Strategist

How to Take Inspired Action

Have you ever been so excited about a new project, goal or idea in your life or business and it made you feel like the world was spinning out of control?

Maybe it was that new bright idea you had or that fun project that crossed your mind that got your heart pumping and your mind racing.

This happens to us creatives a lot. Inspirations that spark new ideas are great and often lead to other spectacular things taking place but if we’re not careful, it can cause major overwhelm that will set us off track.

One new exciting idea can cause you to lose sight of your priorities if you’re not careful. Losing control can lead to you feeling like you’re not going anywhere, kinda like running on a treadmill! Taking immediate action on an idea makes concentrating on the prize more difficult. If you’ve ever had a crazy chaotic day, week or even month because there was so much going on, this is for you! Let’s dive in…

I’m going to share some tips that will help you get laser focused even when you feel like everything needs your attention. It’s not easy to get focused and people throw the word around like it’s so damn easy to do and ummm… it’s not! Especially for us creatives who are hit with inspiration that result in new ideas, sometimes hourly.  I thought you’d love this quote from my favorite business book, The Personal MBA:

If you are everywhere, you are really nowhere.

I’ve been inspired to write this post because I’ve been feeling this way quite often lately. I feel out of whack because I have a ton going on and I’m quite excited about it all. You know me, I get all excited about all the little things, which may not be healthy.

I’m working with my creative director, Sarah Ancalmo, for the launch of my brand and website, strategizing on how to prepare new blog content, and too many other details to mention here! Oh, just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

Here’s my problem and it may be yours too…

Confusing Enthusiasm with Priority

When it comes to my business, I’m always getting new ideas and inspiration from all over the place. Do you ever feel like when you open your laptop and browse the internet, something screams:


As soon as I get an idea, I start to imagine all the possibilities and how I can take action to make it happen. This is when I get side tracked, drop what I’m currently working on and start to explore the new idea or project. As soon as I start to dive into that new project, I’ve lost focus and my priorities become irrelevant. Not good!

If this is happening to you too, you’re confusing your enthusiasm with your priorities. Just because something excites you doesn’t mean it has to be a priority. Here’s what you can do to take back control of your focus:

Step 1: Write it Down

Instead of taking action on every single idea that you’re excited about, simply write it down. I like to toss all my ideas into Evernote, love it! I find that taking the time to type it is extremely helpful for keeping me on task and keeping me focused.  When an idea strikes like lightning, put it down in a safe place and get back to work! Doing this gives you the peace of mind to continue working without feeling like your idea might get lost!

Step 2: Follow Up… Later!

After your idea is in a safe place. Go back to it in a few days when you’re in your “right” mind, calm and collected. This will help you make an honest judgement of your new ideas, taking into consideration the priorities you’ve already set out for yourself. Then you can access your ideas and see which ones are worth pursuing given your current priorities and goals. If you do decide that your new idea or project is worth taking action on immediately, commit to it and prepare to put a considerable amount of your time, energy and resources into making it happen!

Taking these steps will prevent you from chasing those shiny objects that I constantly talk about. I know you’ve experienced this before, you started something and it turned out the idea wasn’t really worth pursuing.

I hate when this happens and I know you do too. Anytime that new idea hits you, write it down and follow up on it later. Your mind & heart will thank you for it.

Cheers to taking inspired action!


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