Noelle Bloom

Business Strategist

Do You Know Your “Why?”

Can you guess what Apple, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Wright Brothers have in common?

On the surface, a word that may come to mind is legendary. And it’s true, they’ve all achieved things that seem to defy the odds, but the commonalities don’t stop there.

There’s a deeper connection that sets them apart from everyone else who attempted to change in the world.

Spoiler: They all think, act, and communicate in the same way!

Each and every one of them knew their “why” which is a why they do what they do.

I first learned of this powerful concept from Simon Sinek, motivational speaker and best-selling author of the classic book, “Start with Why.” If you haven’t watched his world-famous TED talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action, it’s a must-watch! (…the best 18-minutes you’ll spend this week for professional growth)

The big question here is, why are some organizations and leaders able to inspire people to take action while others aren’t? Well, the verdict is in!

If you want to lead, inspire others, change the world, and build a successful purpose-driven business, you must know your why.

This isn’t my opinion, it’s grounded in our human biology! I don’t want to get all Bill Nye the Science Guy on you but the human brain is designed to make decisions based on feelings. This is why we must communicate on a deeper level to connect and inspire people to take action. Here’s what I mean…

Every single person, organization, and business on the planet knows what they do. For example, maybe you help people lose weight, find their soulmate, make more money, or design a website.

Most people know how they do it. For example, you may offer people customized meal plans, date coaching, a class to start a side hustle or a workshop on how to create a website.

However, few people know why they do what they do. I’m talking about their purpose, belief, or why their business exists in the first place.

So why does your business exist? What’s the purpose? Why do you get out of bed every morning?

For example, maybe you believe anyone can lose weight if they just knew what to eat. Or maybe you believe everyone deserves to experience true love in this lifetime. Or that entrepreneurship is the ticket to freedom & joy in life.

When you know your why, you’re able to tap into a deeper message in your marketing, attract the right audience, inspire people to take action, and grow your business.

If you want to inspire, influence, and guide people to live their best life, you have to communicate in a way that inspires people to say yes to change.

As Simon says…
“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

So what’s your why? Why do you want to do it?

Grab a notebook to brainstorm your business why to connect to the bigger why behind your business.

With Love,


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