Noelle Bloom

Business Strategist

How to Know When to Let Go

Have you ever been working on something so hard, then suddenly you ask yourself, “Is this even worth it”?

Remember that time you questioned when to call it quits or when to stick it out and keep pushing? Today you’ll discover the answer to the question:

“How do I know for sure when to let it go?”

I’m gonna show you how to answer it (with ease) and feel confident in the decision you make. 

(Pssst! I’m also gonna give you an explanation on my name change! But more on that later.)

The strategy I’m going to walk you through today is universal. It can be used for ANYTHING you’re considering letting go, for example:

  • Not sure if you should let go of your original business idea, use it.
  • Not sure if you should stick around in the relationship, use it.
  • Not sure if you should call it quits for ________, USE IT!

Before we get into it, it’s important that you focus on the here and now. You’re not gonna worry about what was or what happened in the past. We’re talkin’ about the here and the now. Doesn’t matter if you WERE once passionate or excited about it. Doesn’t matter if it WAS once a “big dream”….whatever you’re telling yourself about the past, it doesn’t matter…

Focus on the HERE and NOW.

Let’s start by looking a two scenarios:

Scenario #1: Hanging on for all the WRONG reasons

We’ve all been guilty of this one, it’s when you’ve held onto something just because you started it! It sounds something like this…

  • If I stop now, it would have all been a waste of time!
  • I’ve invested a lot of money so far, I’ll try to make my investment back!
  • I started it, I must finish it. (I’m not a quitter!)
  • If I stop now, it means I failed!

You don’t wanna hang onto something for the wrong reason. It’s never too late to change directions and start something new. Never forget that!

If you’ve lost the passion for something and you’re just not feelin’ it anymore, let it go. If you’re staying in an unhappy relationship because it’s easier than leaving, let it go. If you’ve been working hard on something just so that you can say you “finished it”, let it go. If you’ve been working your ass off on something you don’t believe in anymore because you’ve sunk money into it, let it go. Investing more money into it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make the money back you’ve already spent…I’ve been there. Maybe you realize, you just don’t want it anymore…and that’s fine to!

Letting go doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

Letting go doesn’t mean you’re a quitter.

Letting go could be the smartest thing you can do.

Letting go can open opportunities for more time, energy and mula (money, honey!).

Letting go can make way for bigger and better things.

Scenario #2: Hanging on for all the RIGHT reasons

You feel exhausted! You’ve been working hard and you’re still not seeing results. Things seem to be going super slow or taking way longer than you expected. You’re actually on the verge of feeling burnt out and what you’re working towards is causing you more stress that joy. You find that as you get deeper and deeper into it, things get more complicated! It’s complicated but your heart is still in it.

When you think about the accomplishment, you get excited. The end result gives you butterflies (like that first kiss, kinda!) You know in your heart that you’re still passionate about it! At times you’re optimistic and have a vivid vision of how things would look and feel when you get there.

When you envision yourself where you wanna be, you can honestly look back at what you’re going through now and say, “YES! It was all worth it.

You can feel that letting go would hurt and holding on would mean staying true to you. In this case, when you ask yourself…

How long should I try?

Your answer,


Try until you make it happen…

Maybe you just need a healthy break from it all.

Maybe you should create space in your life so you can focus on what matters to you.

Maybe you need to brainstorm ways to make working on it more FUN!

Maybe you need a solid strategy to make it happen. (This is my genius zone!)

There’s always things you can tweak to alleviate some of the stress, overwhelm and challenges you’ll face while working to create your fab life…always!


  • What have you been contemplating on letting go (relationship, business idea, goal, career, habit…)?
  • Are you experiencing Scenario #1 or #2?

Cheers to letting go OR making space for bigger and better things,


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