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What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Let’s get right to it! The creativeLIVE workshop I attended in San Francisco with Laura Vanderkam was amazing.

Before we get to What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, I’ll tell you what the successful people KNOW about mornings.

Their Morning STARTS the Night BEFORE

They go to bed early so they can wake up early between 5am-6am. They understand that their day actually starts the night before by getting enough rest and waking up early. I’m a real night owl (beauty sleep may start at 3am) so I have some work to do here. You can create this habit by starting sloowww- Going to bed 15 min earlier to be able to wake up 15 mins earlier.

Morning = THEIR TIME

They know that mornings are the best time to get things done. They see early morning as a time they have to themselves before other people’s priorities invade (email, kids, work, etc.). They tackle the important (not urgent) things that life has a way of crowding out. For example, creative work, mediation, exercise and especially prioritizing their work day.

Morning = Greatest Willpower

They understand that the morning is when they have the greatest self-discipline. They use this time to do the activities that require the most focus but tend to become more difficult to do as the day goes on, like exercising!

What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast!

1. Nurture their business/career by:

  • Spending their mornings creating goals and priorities that support business growth or career growth.
  • Strategically planning how to get the most urgent things done throughout their work day. They focus on practicing and mastering skills that will have the most impact in their business.

2. Nurture their relationships by:

  • Strategizing how they will spend time with the people who deserve it.

3. Nurture themselves by:

  • Dedicating their mornings to themselves by using this time to read, exercise or do the things that are important (not urgent) to them.
    ***They understand that if it’s important, it has to happen FIRST, not last.***

Picture your perfect mornings and tell me what they would look like in the comments.

I believe in you and your future success in business. Making the most of your mornings will help you tremendously, I promise.

Cheers to Starting the Night Before,



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