Noelle Bloom

Business Strategist

What to do When You’re Growing Impatient

So you feel like it’s all taking FOREVER…

If you’ve been feeling like this lately, I’ve got a short & sweet message for you today!

It’s no secret that you’ve got some big goals, plans and a whole bunch of stuff you want to do. I get it! And to top it off, your growing impatient because what you want just isn’t showing up fast enough!

If you’re anything like me, you start to get agitated when things aren’t happening at your ideal speed. You have this big grand vision of what you’d like your business and life to look like but it feels like it’s taking FOREVERI’ve gone through these emotions many times and it can definitely take a toll on my momentum when I’m trying to take action.

When you’re working your a** off to accomplish your goals, it’s only natural that you automatically expect to see big results (yes, me included)But here’s what I’d like you to know:

Just because you put a lot of work into something…

Doesn’t mean you’ll see rapid results!

The kind of goals and accomplishments you’re striving for doesn’t happen overnight.

You’ll see big results overtime by taking consistent action. I’m talking about keeping your momentum up even when you feel like what you’re doing isn’t getting you anywhere. Every action you take is an opportunity to learn and grow so keep taking action even if you don’t feel or see progression. Each step you take contributes to your overall success. It’s not easy to keep up the pace but here are some simple strategies to help you keep pushing even when you feel impatient.

Keep Working

1. Take small steps in the right direction everyday. Taking consistent action will get you there.

2. Celebrate the small wins…because eventually they will all add up to big wins!

3. Track and measure your efforts. Look for any signs of progress so you know you’re moving forward.

I want to challenge you to tap into your energy, enthusiasm and passion to keep moving in the right direction. You’ve got what it takes to make it happen. The question is…

Will you keep pushing?

Will you hold on long enough to see the results?

Hope you enjoyed this gentle push to keep your momentum up!



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