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Business Strategist

What to do When You’re Overworked

Have you been feeling overworked and overwhelmed lately?

If so, you’re gonna love this post.

Here’s the deal…

We all go through different stages of feeling depleted and exhausted, especially when running a business.

In life we’re challenged to step up to the plate and put in the work for what we want. And when you’re ambitious, it can feel like all you do is work hard.

False Assumptions About Work

For some of us it’s ingrained at an early age that “there’s no substitution for hard work“. I come from a family of truck drivers and construction workers so I’ve been told this time and time again.

But here’s the catch, there are many pathways to your definition of success and you don’t have to choose the traditional hard way.

Today I’m going to challenge you to think in a new way and shift your perspective on “hard work”.

Why do things the hard way, when you don’t have to?

Let’s rethink your strategy for getting things done and discover new ways to take action with ease.

We live in a world where we have this notion that work is supposed to be hard. So often times when you’re strategizing on how to get things done, you automatically think of the more complicated way.

When you choose to take action the hard way, you end up doing more work than you have to! I’ve been guilty of this more times then I can count. It causes you to feel overwhelmed, overworked and exhausted.

Then as the going gets tough you say to yourself, “It’s not supposed to be easy!” Sure, that’s true for some things, but not everything.

When you’re striving for something you really really want, you put every ounce of effort, time and energy into what you’re trying to accomplish.

…which brings me to yet ANOTHER false assumption in today’s world…

 “Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy”.

Must everything worth having come hard?

The answer is NO.

I used to live by these false assumptions and it negatively impacted my workflow and productivity. Having this “work hard” mentality can quickly cause burnout.

Does this mean you don’t value “hard work”?

Absolutely not.

All it means is that you strategically pick your battles so you work more efficiently.

There’s more than one way to get to where you want to go and you surely don’t have to choose the more complicated way.

Choosing to do things the easy way doesn’t make you lazy, it makes you smart.

The Elegance of Ease

Making the choice to do things with ease will open up the much needed space in your life.

When you allow ease to flow, it makes a difference for not only you but for the people around you too. Let’s face it, you’re no fun when you’re stressed and overworked.

If you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed right now, ask yourself,

“Is there another way I can make this easier?”

Now, I’m not saying your journey should be a piece of cake! There will always be something that gets in the way of ease. However, there are ways that you can make strategic decisions about HOW you get things done. 

Ask yourself these 3 questions anytime you’re feeling overworked: 

1. What’s one task/project/action that has me feeling overworked and overwhelmed?

2. Is there an easier way to get the results I want?

3. What step can I take to make the process easier and more fun for myself?

This subtle shift in your perspective will move you past overwhelm because you’ve opened yourself up to a more effective way of thinking about how to get things done.

Look around and get creative!

Once you start to practice this strategy, you’ll start to see new pathways that don’t require a crazy amount of work.

While taking your business to new heights, brainstorm ways to take action with ease.

Thinking more strategically about the pathways you take will save you so much time, energy and tears. You can thank me later for this one but for now, answer the questions above!

With Love,


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