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Business Strategist

How to Strategically Design Your Day

So, you want to design a workday where you feel productive, creative and accomplished.

I’ve got you covered.

It’s about time you infuse more of what you love throughout your day! Before we get into designing your day, let’s talk about why it’s so important to design a day where you’re feeling fab and fired up.

If you’re not feeling excited, engaged and alive as you work, running your business will feel like a chore. Or worse, turn into a nightmare! And that’s not why you started it all.

You’ll find yourself feeling miserable and dread working on your business. On top of that, when stuff gets tough (because it will at times), you’ll procrastinate and compromise your results.

…not to mention sacrificing your health, happiness and sanity.

Creating a work day where you’re feeling productive, creative and accomplished will spark unstoppable momentum in your business.

Remember, you’re in this for long-term success and keeping up your momentum is part of the game. And how you work on your business is key!

The best place to begin is to think back to why you started it all from a lifestyle perspective. What lifestyle were you motivated to live by starting your business? Once you’ve reflected on that question, you’re ready to reimagine your ideal 12-hour day.

Imagine Your Ideal 12-hours

Creating your ideal day before designing your day is one of the best strategies for creating a fun, yet productive day. This will help you infuse more of what you love and focus on what’s most important to you in your daily routine.

This isn’t about the work you do, it’s about how you want to live your daily life while running your business. Once you have a clear vision for what your ideal day looks like, you can use aspects of that vision to create the perfect day for you.

Here are some questions that will help you visualize your ideal 12-hour day:


  • What happens first thing in the morning?
  • What do you eat to fuel your day?
  • How do you nurture your mind and body?
  • How do you prepare for the day?
  • When do you start your workday?
  • How do you spark inspiration and creativity?
  • What else helps you start your morning for a productive day?


  • How many hours do you work?
  • How do you work in your business sweet spot?
  • What activities are you focused on to grow your business?
  • Who are you meeting or talking with?
  • How do you take your breaks?
  • What nutritious foods do you feed your body?
  • What else are you doing?
  • How do you take action towards your personal goals?  
  • Where do you go if anywhere?
  • How do you move your body?
  • How do you play?
  • How do you incorporate leisure and fun?


  • How to do you rest and rejuvenate?
  • What do you do when your energy is low?
  • What nutritious foods do you feed your body?
  • How to you nurture your relationships?
  • What time do you shut down your laptop for the day? 


  • How do you celebrate a productive workday?
  • What do you eat for dinner?
  • How do you prepare for the next day?
  • What time do you start preparing for bed?
  • How do you set the mood for sleep?
  • What time are you in bed?

Go ahead and grab a notebook so you can design your ideal day.

Write in detail what you’re doing from the time your eyes open to when they close?

Remember, this is YOUR IDEAL DAY. It doesn’t have to be what you think you “should” be doing, only what would make you feel productive, creative and accomplished.

Design Your Day

After you’ve imagined your ideal day, you can begin designing your day.

Start by picking THREE activities from your ideal day and incorporating them in your daily routine.

The key here is to design a day inspired by your ideal day, making it a reality.

You have everything you need to create a daily hustle that leaves you feeling fabulous at the end of the day. All you have to do is take action on what’s most important to you.

If you implement just one activity from your ideal day, you’ll dramatically improve your business life.

That’s a promise!

If you’d like to dive deeper, you can take the Discover Your Business Lifestyle Quiz and download the strategy guide to help you align your business with your lifestyle goals, identify your business sweet spot and design your daily hustle. 



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