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400+ Things to do to be a Happy Entrepreneur

Are you running a business and have no LIFE?

Want to have more fun, live free and feel fabulous NOW while growing your business?

If you want to live a happier life as an entrepreneur, then look no further!

You’ve just struck a gold mine for how to create more happiness in your life today. Right on this page you’ll find HUNDREDS of things you can do to live a happier life now while building your business.

BUT before we get into the “to do’s”, let’s break down what having “no life” as an entrepreneur looks like.

If your daily life consists of:

  • Working every minute of the day and spending endless hours in front of your laptop
  • Drowning in a mile long to-do list (with “me” time at the way bottom or worse—nonexistent!)
  • Staying up way past your bedtime on a regular basis and even pulling all-nighters
  • Canceling plans with friends and sacrificing quality time with family because you’re “too busy”
  • Giving, giving and giving until you’re so depleted emotionally, physically, and mentally that you have nothing left to give
  • Sacrificing self-care (…like eating, sleeping, exercising and showering!) to work on your business
  • Daydreaming about when you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor

Need I say more?

It’s time to GET A LIFE!

If you said “YES!” to at least four of the scenarios above, this post is most likely going to be the most valuable thing you read for creating more happiness.

And if you felt a little creeped out while reading the list of scenarios because it describes your life to a “T”, I can assure you I haven’t been stalking you!

The truth is- this was once my life too.

There was a time when the reality of doing business tested my sense of self and what I believed life was all about. When I sat back and looked at my life as a whole, the daily hustle of entrepreneurship slowly weighed me down like an overstuffed purse! As a lifestyle enthusiast, I wasn’t living what I believed to be a fabulous life.

My days were all work and no play, leaving no time to enjoy the little things in life that meant the world to me. I was attached to other people’s definition of “success”, distracted by blueprints for a booming business and frustrated as I tried to force cookie-cutter strategies for integrating “business & life”.

It took me a long time to admit that I lost myself in the daily grind of work. After years of pushing the pedal to the metal, I realized that if I didn’t have a strategy for enjoying life NOW, I’d burnout over and over again.

If you’re sacrificing your health, happiness or sanity while running your business, you’re not alone! This happens to the majority of us thought leaders, founders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business owners.


Well, because running a business isn’t a cakewalk.

It’s hard freakin’ work and can feel unbearable at times! Starting, building, growing, scaling and maintaining a successful business will take a lot of your time, money and resources.

And even after you “think” you nailed your marketing plan, social media strategy, sales funnels and launch plans, there’s still a never-ending workload!

If you’re anything like me, to justify your workaholic habits, you tell yourself it’s “temporary” and as soon as crunch time is over, you’ll spend more time with your family, go on a date, workout and eat better.

But THAT doesn’t happen! There’s always an excuse disguised as a new obstacle or some “unfinished business” that comes up and gets in the way. Then before you know it, you slip into the mindset that if you just work harder, longer and faster, “someday” soon you’ll finally get to enjoy life.

Well, that mode of thinking stops right now, right here…

I’ve spent years researching the latest science behind living a fulfilling life and studying from leading experts in business, psychology, health, happiness habits and productivity.

And there’s one thing I know for sure, you can live your most fun and exhilarating life TODAY.

All you have to do is decide to take back control of your life and incorporate habits to your daily life that enable you to start living now.

This list long list of things to do isn’t here to just “inspire” you.

It’s here to help you get ideas to actually implement. With over 400 ideas to create more happiness in your life, you’re bound to get overwhelmed.

Instead of looking at the list and thinking “wow, these are all great ideas”, I challenge you to pick 1-3 things and add them to your calendar this week.

Inspiration without action is worthless. You’ve got to actually implement the ideas to make a lasting change in your life.

Here’s are 400+ things you can do TODAY to live a happier life as an entrepreneur:


Go photowalking
Go on a bike ride and sitesee
Go outside and look up at the sky
Go gaze at the stars
Go sit in the grass
Walk a fur baby
Lay in a hammock
Plant flowers or vegetables in a garden
Gather fresh flowers from a garden
Breath in the fresh air
Stand in the rain
Go fly a kite in the wind
Go outside and spin around until you get dizzy
Go outside and sit in the sun
Go sit by the fire pit
Go bird watching
Go outside and blow bubbles
Go outside and throw glitter
Go on a nature walk
Play in the dirt
Go on a hike
Swim in the ocean
Find a butterfly and follow it
Go backpacking for a few days
Trekk for a long distance
Go kayaking in the ocean
Go ziplining
Go boating
Stop and smell the roses
Go horse back riding


Go to the forest and hug a tree tight
Go to the mountains
Go to a park and play on the swings, see-saw or slide
Go to the ocean and bury your feet in the sand
Go to a new city
Go to a coffee shop
Go window shopping
Go to the library or Barnes & Noble to browse books and magazines
Go on an adventure in your own city
Go to the movies
Go to a club or bar and act 21 again =)
Go to a shopping mall
Go to a waterfall
Go somewhere and travel without a map
Go to the beach and build a sand castle
Go to a museum or exhibition
Go to a concert even if by yourself
Go to an ice cream parlor or bakery and try something new
Go to a play or musical
Go on a date with yourself
Go to the pool to swim or float
Go somewhere totally random (put a pin on the map and visit that place)
Go to an amusement park


Write a poem
Write a love note to yourself
Write 3 things you’re gratitude for
Write a letter to someone you love
Write a story only you can tell
Write in a journal about random things
Write a list of what makes you happy
Write 10 lessons you learned in life
Write a dialogue with yourself in a diary
Write a book


Reach out to a family member you haven’t talked to in a while
Have a face-to-face conversations with someone new
Go to brunch, lunch or dinner with good friends
Cuddling with your fur baby
Host a karaoke night
Get intimate with your significant other

Sit, walk or talk with a friend
Dance with someone
Cuddle with someone special
Spend quality time with someone you love
Talk to your elder or someone wiser than you
Go on a special date with that special someone
Do a random act of kindness to a stranger
Host a dinner party and invite friends & family
Forgive someone who needs your forgiveness
Tell a joke and make someone laugh
Host an English tea party
Talk with a mentor, coach or advisor
Play a board game with friends
Hug someone
Host a BBQ


Read poetry
Read an inspirational book
Read a book or novel for pleasure
Read the newspaper at a cafe
Read inspiring quotes
Read an amazing biography
Read a “how to” article


Take a nap in the middle of the day
Wake up naturally with no alarm clock!
Staying in bed 30 minutes longer
Snuggle under a cozy blanket
Get 8 hours of sleep


Sit still and meditate
Do nothing but relax for two minutes with
Sit for a minute and be mindful of your thoughts
Visualize where you see yourself in 3 years
Daydream or fantasize your alternate reality
Sit and think about your fondest childhood memory
Go someplace quiet, sit silent and enjoy quality time with yourself
Make funny faces in front of the mirror
Do a centering prayer


Eat a healthy meal
Cook a delicious meal for yourself and eat slow
Baking cookies
Sip your coffee sloooooowwwww
Take your vitamins
Eat chocolate (because why not?!)
Sip a glass of wine
Take yourself out for breakfast, lunch or dinner
Make a green smoothie
Cook something new without a recipe and then eat it


Go for a nice run
Hopscotch like you’re in elementary school
Sing and perform your favorite song
Do yoga

Do something old in a new way, like combine yoga with hip-hop
Ride a bike


Get your hair done
Get a new haircut
Get a manicure
Get a pedicure
Dye your hair a different color
Get a massage
Go to the spa
Get dressed the way you want to feel
Take a nice hot bath with rose petals
Take a cold shower, it’s good for you!
Get a facial
Get your eyebrows waxed
Do a self-reflexology session for whatever you need
Touch or caressing yourself wherever you want…=)
Do an EFT (emotional freedom techniques) session or tapping
Pick out a new fragrance or perfume
Do a relaxing scrub
Do an avocado mask
Give yourself a brand new look
Hug yourself


Listen to the radio
Listen to the rain
Listening to running water
Listen to live music
Listen to an audio book
Listen to music
Listen to the birds chirp
Listen to your favorite playlist
Listen to the night sounds
Listen to a guided meditation
Listen to the wind roar
Listen to the waves at the beach
Listen to yourself sing after you record yourself
Listen to someone else for once! =)


Create an art journal
Color in a coloring book
Do an arts and crafts project
Paint a beautiful picture
Draw something that inspires you
Sculpt something out of clay
Create a piece of jewelry
Make a beautiful quilt
Sketch something simple
Do a puzzle, sudoku or crossword puzzle
Make a family scrapbook
Make a scarecrow
Knit a scarf


Play a video game
Play cognitive games at
Play a musical instrument
Play games
Play with legos
Play charades
Play cards
Play hide and seek
Play dress-up
Play brain teasers


Throw an indoor picnic
Do an indoor scavenger hunt
Film your own cooking show
Have a photoshoot indoors
Make a campsite inside
Dance around the house
Redecorate the house
Have a video game marathon
Create an indoor obstacle course


Watch the wind blow through the trees
Watch a burning candle
Watch a good movie
Watch the birds fly
Watch funny videos on Youtube and laugh
Watch an inspirational Tedx Talk
Watch the flames by a fire pit
Watch videos of laughing babies
Watch the rain
Watch the clouds move through the sky
Watch cartoons
Watch people move through the world


Join a new group with similar interest
Join a bookclub
Join a volunteer group to give back
Join a support group
Join an online community
Join a new class
Join a networking group to meet new people
Join a public speaking group or class
Join a gym


Learn how to create fashionable clothes
Learn to design something
Learn a new arts & craft projects
Learn a new hobby

Learn 5 words in a new language
Learn to speed read
Learn to make art
Learn to play or engineer music
Learn how to act
Learn how to do yoga
Learn how to write calligraphy


Repaint a wall in your house or put up a piece of art
Collect object, clothes and gadgets that no longer serve you and give them to charity
Replace old things in your home with things you love (clothes, shoes, pens, notebook, towels, plates, etc.)
Get fresh flowers and put them on your kitchen table
Decluttering your workspace
Reorganizing your kitchen or closet

Again, this list isn’t here to just inspire you!

Pick 1-3 things now and add them to your calendar this week so that you can create more happiness in your life.

I hope this not only inspired you, but sparked meaningful action that will ultimately change your business and life forever.

Cheers to being the happiest entrepreneur!



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