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How to Declutter Your Mind for Mental Clarity

Do you feel like you’re constantly in a brain fog?

Maybe you feel confused, overwhelmed or stressed and often don’t know the source of it all.

If you find that you often feel stuck, unproductive, easily distracted, disorganized, and struggle with making minor decisions, it may be time to declutter your mind.

I like to think of it like spring cleaning, but for the mind!

Every year when spring comes around people love to get rid of junk around the house because it makes them feel good…

After all, research supports a strong link between your physical space and mental space.

And just as you declutter your physical space from time to time, it’s important to declutter your state of mind so that you can have more mental clarity.

If you’ve been feeling a lot of mental chaos and it’s affecting your workflow and focus, it’s time to restore your mental clarity for a clam, peaceful mind.

As a determined entrepreneur, you need mental clarity because it’s key to maintaining a crystal clear vision, establishing clear priorities and taking the right action in the right direction at the right time.

Without mental clarity you’ll find yourself constantly questioning yourself, your direction and whether you’re capable of achieving your goals in business and life.

Here are 3 simple strategies that will improve your mental clarity and focus.

1. Let go of what’s not working.

There are a few things in your business or life that aren’t working for you. Maybe at one point it worked but not anymore! If you think for a second, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

It could be something you’ve been doing for a long time that just doesn’t inspire you. Maybe it’s a habit you’re trying to stick to, a business idea you’re working on, a broken relationship or a commitment that you signed up for.

Spend some time figuring out what’s been weighing you down mentally and drop it like it’s hot! This will help you create some space for new and exciting opportunities in your business and life. And the first step to making this happen is letting go of what’s not serving you anymore no matter how hard it is to let go.

2. Re-establish your priorities.

At the beginning of the year, you set high expectations for what you wanted to achieve. And I bet that you have some pretty ambitious goals you’re working on that cause you to feel overwhelmed. If you find that you’re constantly stretching yourself too thin and have too much on your mind, it’s the perfect time to reprioritize what’s most important to you. It’s very easy to bite off more than you can chew so it’s a good idea to revisit what you’re working towards and make sure it’s in alignment with your business and lifestyle vision.

3. Address self-sabotaging beliefs.

You’ve got a big vision for your life and sometimes you can experience limiting beliefs that create mental chaos! We all have mental blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs that we need to work through and eventually let go of.

Where in your business or life are you holding yourself back and not stepping into your full potential?

This is a hard one to answer because it calls for you to get honest with yourself. As Jennifer J. Freeman put it…

“You’re far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.”

Maybe you constantly question if you have what it takes to create the kind of business you want, feel like a fraud or suffer from imposter syndrome, think you and everything you put out has to be perfect, or feel that you’re not worthy or good enough.

Whatever limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts or old stories you’ve been telling yourself that’s occupying precious mental space must be acknowledged and worked through.

Take any one of these strategies and implement them into your business or life to declutter your mind and gain mental clarity!

With Love,


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