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Business Strategist

The 6 Common Things People Love to Spend Money On

Raise your hand if you’re secretly ashamed to admit you love spending money on things you love!

(it’s okay, this is a safe space—no shame here!)

Have you ever felt embarrassed to tell someone how much you spent on a pair of shoes?

Or wanted to hide so you could avoid that look your partner gives you after another UPS box shows up at the front door?

I know the look! It’s the same one I get after Ray sees how much I’ve spent on the hotel for our quick 3-day getaway.

Maybe you’ve even thought to yourself, “Why would someone waste so much money on that!”

It’s really easy to think people are crazy for wasting money on things we find ridiculous when we don’t understand what excites them or motivates their spending.

But here’s the thing, everyone has an area in their life that they love to spend money on. I call it, your Love for Money.

For some people it’s health & fitness, for others like my partner Ray, it’s luxury. I’ll share my love for money in a bit!

But what about you?

What do you LOVE spending money on?

I’m sure you already know…it’s the thing that instantly comes to mind so don’t overthink it!

I’ve put together a list of the 6 most common areas where people love to spend money, and I want you to see if you can spot which one is your Love for Money.

1. Travel

If you don’t hesitate to spend money on exploration and adventure then this is your Love for Money. This is you if:

  • You know a year in advance where you wanna go for your birthday, anniversary, or family vacation. 
  • You create google docs with entire itineraries detailing the best day and time to hit the top local attractions. 
  • You consider that $500+ luggage an investment because you see it as your one true travel companion.
  • You know all the travel tips & tricks from squeezing every inch out of your carry-on bag to the best day and time to purchase tickets.  

Whether you dream of traveling for months on end or splurge on high-end trips through the Caravan Trail to see the Sahara Desert in magical Morocco—traveling is your jam!

2. Health & Fitness

This is your Love for Money if you spend extravagantly on:  

  • Healthy foods, organic herbs, and supplements 
  • Premier gym memberships or workout programs
  • Quality fitness apparel from Fabletics & Nike
  • Health apps and devices to hone your mind & body

No matter if you fantasize about one day having a personal chef, nutritionist, trainer, and massage therapist or spend hours researching healthy food alternatives and new ways to challenge your body and calm your mind, health is your top priority.

3. Luxury

Do you love to spend on luxury goods and services, and only buy the best of the best? If so then luxury is your Love for Money. To you, luxury goes beyond simply looking “rich.” You value: 

  • High-quality materials 
  • Avant-garde design 
  • Exclusivity
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Uniqueness 
  • Craftsmanship 
  • Elegance

…and you’ll happily pay the price tag!

Luxury is what differentiates you from everyone else, it’s how you express who you are. Whether it’s rockin’ that exclusive Off-White bag, a pair of Balenciaga knit stiletto pumps, a couture dress by Dior, or driving a decked-out G-Wagon, you love spending on the finer things.

4. Experiences

If love to spend on exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experiences then you and I see eye-to-eye because this is my Love for Money too!  We love unique experiences like:  

  • Touring Thailand on the back of elephants
  • Riding a hot air balloon over the California valley
  • Swimming with bottlenose dolphins on the Pacific coast
  • Going to concerts with a backstage pass that includes a meet and greet
  • Fine dining at world-renowned restaurants with out of this world food

 For us, novelty is everything!

Here are some things I’ve done to feed my insatiable desire to have an experience:  

  • Ziplining over the vineyards at Santa Margarita Ranch 
  • Touring the haunted and highly irregular Winchester Mystery House 
  • Kayaking and horseback riding along the coast of Pismo Beach
  • Wine tasting at the 13th-century castle of Castello Di Amorosa in Napa
  • Traversing 100 ft in the air through a treetop obstacle course in the Redwoods

If you’re like me, then seeing and experiencing new things with people you love is what keeps life interesting. Shared memories and unforgettable experiences are far more valuable than anything money can buy.

5. Personal Development

If you believe the best investments are in yourself, then this is your Love for Money. You love buying books, courses, and audio programs to help you become the best version of yourself.

The journey of stepping into who you want to be, gives you a clear sense of direction in life. For you, personal growth is all about self-awareness, focus, motivation, core values, productivity, improvement, and resilience—all things that help you create a happy, fulfilling life. 

To you, there’s nothing better than:

  • A membership to Masterclass where you can learn from the world’s leading experts 
  • Watching inspiring TED Talks like Brené Brown’s talk on the power of vulnerability
  • Attending live events, like Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness, to expand your mind, manifest your dreams, and meet amazing people

6. Convenience

This is your Love for Money if you happily spend on things to make life easier.

Whether it’s: 

  • Having pre-cooked meals delivered right to your door so you can stop worrying about what’s for dinner
  • An Uber to take you where you need to go so you’re not dealing with headaches from traffic
  • A housekeeper to keep everything tidy and keep you away from brooms and vacuums 
  • A personal shopper to so you never have to wait in line at a grocery store again
  • A virtual assistant to help automate tasks and organize your life

 …if it saves you in effort, time, or stress, it’s worth every penny! You’re all about eliminating the things in life that cost your most precious asset, time, so you can focus on more important things.

Knowing what drives your Love for Money makes you more aware of why you spend money the way you do and gives you insight into other people’s spending habits. It also helps you to be more mindful so you can spend more on the things you love and less on things you don’t.

Now imagine what your life would look like if you could spend lavishly on the things you love.

  • Take Action: Grab a notebook and describe your Love for Money! What would you buy? Who would you hire? What would make you feel fabulous?

Cheers to spending more money on the things you love!


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